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This product is a base mount

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This is a base mount that widely used in kitchen, café and so on.

The part is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and with fine bead blast then black anodize finish.

How To Use It?

In briefly, it can be seen as a kind of easy heat shield to put the hot pot that hold the boiled coffees.

Many home and commercial grinders suffer from the two shortcomings. The first is the difficulty of cleaning the machine and the second is the amount of ground coffee retained in the unit after use. These two issues go hand in hand. As the picture illustrates, ground coffee can fill every nook and cranny in a grinder. If the machine is difficult to service this quickly becomes a problem.

Manufacturers often turn a blind eye to these problems forcing the user to either adopt arduous cleaning regimens or resort to workarounds to compensate for design deficiencies. We wanted to address retention and ease of cleaning in the grinders design from the very beginning. One of our solutions was to incorporate a direct exit path for the grounds from the burrs.

What goes in must come out

The vertical design of the grinders  facilitates coffee traveling through the machine in a direct downward path letting gravity do all of the work. Beans are loaded into the upper funnel located directly above the burrs. The ashtray shape of the upper funnel in combination with the onion like profile of the main shaft, minimizes the chance of beans popcorning out of the grinder. Once through the burrs, it’s a straight shot down and out the machine.

There are no chutes, dosing mechanisms, or nooks and crannies for grounds to become trapped.

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