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The Importance Of Wheel Gasket

There are many kinds of parts on the refitted car, ranging from wheel hub, brake, surround and exhaust, to small parts such as screw and cup, but few people think of vehicle gasket. Compared with the wheel hub, brake and parts that can be observed at a glance, the vehicle gasket is more difficult for ordinary passers-by to find at a glance. Many car owners will ask whether it is necessary to install vehicle gaskets on their vehicles? Does the vehicle gasket only add beauty without practical significance? Perhaps you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the vehicle gasket through the following contents.

In addition to increasing the appearance, the important use of the vehicle gasket is to increase the track width on the basis of the original track width, so as to make the vehicle more stable in the dynamic process of bending. Of course, the stability of a car during cornering is also affected by shock absorbers, tires, anti roll bars and other parts, but on the premise that these factors remain unchanged, only from the perspective of track width, the wider the track width, the lower the lateral weight transfer, and the higher the cornering stability. Of course, we can't simply and rudely conclude from theory that the thicker the vehicle gasket is, the more the bending stability increases. The use of wheel gaskets with different thickness will not only affect the appearance of the vehicle, but also not conform to the principle of aerodynamics, which will affect the driving performance of the vehicle. Therefore, if you want to add gasket to your car, please consult a professional car modification shop.

Today's refitting market in China is in the initial stage of development. Many car owners pursue extreme refitting and blindly pursue bold and cool style. It is not uncommon for a good car to be changed beyond recognition. On the contrary, it is easy to ignore some safety, stability and comfort modified products.

Post time: Jul-18-2021