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Oil Catch Can

  • Oil Catch Can
  • Oil Catch Can
  • Oil Catch Can
  • Oil Catch Can
  • Oil Catch Can
  • Oil Catch Can

Short Description:

This product is an oil catch can.

Product Detail

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Machined from 6061 Al and with black anodized finish.

Used in MK6 Golf/GTI and MK6 Jetta/GLI 1.8T/2.0T series models.

The oil catch can replaces the original crankshaft ventilation system to prevent excessive crankcase oil vapor from entering the engine intake system. The system avoids common power losses, helps to reduce the amount of steam in the intake manifold, thereby reducing carbon accumulation in the intake valve, and reduces octane reduction caused by oil vapour. Easy to install, press the knob to discharge excessive water vapor, it is recommended to use at all performance improvement stages.

Application Field

MS100124 - MK6 Golf R (North America)

MS100123 - MK6 Golf R (Other markets except North America)


The  oil catch can Kit features a completely new proprietary catch can, as well as a CNC machined valve cover breather adapter to provide optimal crankcase ventilation, while keeping oil and water vapor out of the intake tract. This kit is designed to eliminate boost leaks caused by the faulty factory PCV valve assembly, and prevent oil from depositing in the intake manifold and intake valves, resulting in reduced carbon buildup that is known to plague these motors.

Complete PCV System Replacement

Prevents Crankcase Oil Deposits in Intake Manifold and on Intake Valves

Reduces Carbon Buildup

Helps reduce wind flow limitations and reduces octane rating

Ensures Proper Crankcase Ventilation

Eliminates Potential Boost Leak at PCV Assembly

Retains Factory Engine Cover

100% Bolt-In Installation

What's Included:

CNC-Machined Billet Aluminum Motorsport Valve Cover Breather Adapter (Black Anodized)

Motorsport Modular Catch Can Assembly (Black Anodized)

-10 AN Catch Can Inlet/Outlet Hoses

No-Drill Mounting Bracket

Intake Manifold Plug & Boost Tap

Installation Hardware

Catch Can Oil Drain - Allows for service-free use of the catch can by draining collected oil back into the oil pan.

Note: Vehicles running catch cans in below freezing temperatures are advised to remove the catch can during winter months to avoid freeze-up issues. Race cars that need to run catch cans in freezing conditions should take extra steps to prevent freeze-up such as an electric heater or cleaning out the system regularly. Take care when routing the lines and avoid drooping, as that can allow oil/water to collect and freeze.

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